Monday, April 11, 2011

I will be closing this blog and using instead.
so follow that :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friends and Albums.

A dear friend of mine bought me a "quality" bottle of rum. She's the best. Anyway..
There has been great reception to my new EP "Something Forever" which is a digital only release. Many of my beautiful fans wanted physical copies of the record and I couldn't agree more. There's something special about having a physical copy of ..well....ANYTHING...remember the feeling of receiving a letter in the mail from a friend? That was the best!!! Now a daze we're almost lost in this stupid digital world that we forget about the greatness of tangibility. Is that even a word? I don't care because if it's not, now it is!...sucka! Anyway...what am I even talking about? oh ya! "Something Forever" is going to be released on CD with bonus tracks! It will be released on BBE in Feb 2011! The label called me and told me I have one week to get new songs ready to put on it, so i have been working my butt in the studio this week. I got this new joint that I'm so pumped about. It might be called "This Beautiful Feeling". Ft Ebrahim (Hopefully)

P.S. I miss kenny.

P.S.S. one week is not a lot of time to do 4 new songs... I'm not a robot damnit...

P.S.S.S what the &$&#^# does P.S. stand for?! and why do you have to add more S's?!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Documentary Style EPK

I'm so blessed to have met Maya & Nadia (and Jared too). These lovely, amazingly talented film makers/artists produced my new documentary style EPK. They did an amazing job and I hope this will give you a little insight into our little movement.
check it out

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Been working... Come out soon

- Doing a tour with Tingsek + Ebrahim in May
Detorit, Sarnia, Toronto, Montreal

- Enjoy ya Self V2 Video out in about a week.
- B-Boy Beef Video
- New Group Called the Slakadeliqs album coming out later this year.

The world is a small place.

It's funny watching rap videos "now a daze" and the persona of some of these characters. What's also interesting is the influence it has on their fans and followers. We naturally reflect what we take in. With the abundance of material things available and the continual desensitization of vanity in the sake of entertainment + profit, some (most) are blind to the fact of their significance in the bigger picture. If one was to take a second out of the day and look in from a birds eye view on their life, zoom out a little... They'll see that the earth is very small,very very extremely small... Zoom out some more and you'll see our galaxy is small....zoom out some more..well you get the point.. If that's not humbling, what is...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Working in the studio

A productive production work day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Video Update.

Sometimes i don't feel like typing...